This is a full list every single on demand workout we've released to date. You can also search by song, keyword, or format when using the search feature. Beginning October 2021, these will be placed in order of release rather than by format by the request of our subscribers so that our newest releases will always show first. Looking for an older workout? Just keep scrolling and every video released before October 2021 can be found in chronological order according to format.

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  • JAM 27: Party In The U.S.A.

    A playlist filled with songs about Rockin' in the USA, Applebee's (an American institution lol), the American dream, backyard BBQs, and FREEDOM! Let's go, 'Murica (and also the UK and other countries we love 😘😉).

    I'm Just Here for THE PLAYLIST:
    1. Freedom by Pitbull
    2. Salute by Little Mix
    3. Fa...

  • HIIT THE BEAT (LVL 1): One Hit Wonders

    This collection of one hit wonders will have you singing along (if you can catch your breath), smiling, and sweating for 30 straight minutes. This workout is designed for beginners, but can easily be taken to the next level with a little extra umph. Modifications are shown so anyone can enjoy t...

  • IGNITION 12: Control Your Thoughts & Change Your Life

    I'm Just Here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. Change The Way You Look At Things (And The Things You Look At Change)- Fearless Motivation
    2. ENERGY- Disclosure
    3. Born For Greatness- Papa Roach
    4. Feel the Energy- Bexxie
    5. The Time Is Now- Atreyu
    6. Titanium- David Guetta feat Sia
    7. Marea (We've Lost Danci...

  • REBEL STEP 4: 2000's Club Hits

    We are back with the 4th edition of Rebel Step: the step class like none you've ever done before. It's a combination of aerobic step, hip hop step, and dance fitness with step for the ultimate step party. Grab a towel because you will be drenched by the end of this 40 minute cardio blast!
    I'm J...

  • JAM 26: Latin Fire 🔥

    Latin music holds an incredibly special place in my heart. I had my son and was dealing with postpartum depression (as many women do). My body wasn't bouncing back as easily as I had hoped, and I felt like a piece of me was missing. A friend of mine invited me to a Zumba class. We didn't have ...

  • JAM 25: Lil Wayne | T-Pain

    I'm Just Here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. A Milli- Lil Wayne
    2. Church- T-Pain feat Teddy Verseti
    3. I Can Transform Ya- Chris Brown feat Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz
    4. Lollipop- Lil Wayne feat Static Major
    5. Shawty Get Loose- Lil Mama feat Chris Brown & T-Pain
    6. Ball- T.I. feat Lil Wayne
    7. Shimmy- Lil W...

  • JAM 24: Tribute to the one and only Mr. Worldwide

    JAM with 3 huge Pitbull fans and experience the pure joy his music brings to life. His message and energy are contagious and we are so excited to share it with each of you. We hope you love it as much as we loved making it!

    I'm Just Here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. Time of Our Lives- Pitbull & Ne-Yo

  • JAM 19: Today's Hottest Hits

    From brand new tracks to the most viral tiktok hits, this quick cardio blast will have you and everyone in your house singing along for the best house party ever! Each song has been coded (C) for clean and (E) for explicit so you know when to break our the earmuffs for the little ones in the hou...

  • BEATS 10: Full Body Strength and Cardio HIIT

    This class is guided using a TEAM mentality creating a highly encouraging environment with no shortage of strong, independent, women vibes. Just when the going gets tough, you have a girl gang of Cami, Tylar, and Jana, cheering you on reminding you that you can do anything for 30 seconds. You wil...

  • JAM 21: Club Rodeo

    You don't have to be a country music fan to love this 21st edition of JAM! Jamie, Kelli, and Michelle took classic country line dances and spiced them up studio style and combined them with pop-country JAM favorites like Country Girl Shake It For Me and Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy for the ultimate...

  • IGNITION 11: Collective Joy

    Barbara Ehrenreich coined the term "collective joy" to describe group events which involve music, synchronized movement, and a feeling of loss of self. They elicit an overwhelming feeling of connection to those around you without sharing anything in common other than the moment. This phenomenon ...

  • LEVEL-UP 3: 30 Min. Upper Body Blast

    This is the perfect workout to add onto one of the shorter JAM sessions! Do this upper body workout twice a week, and the lower body workout that accompanies it twice a week along with some killer cardio, rest, and yoga, and you'll be all set!
    *Equipment used in this workout: 5lb dumbbells and a...

  • 30 Minute Ab Compilation

  • Pump Up The JAM 4: Don't Stop Me Now

    We've chosen your favorite JAM routines to create 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio dance that doesn't even feel like working out! This all in one class satisfies with an intense AAA (arms, abs, and a$$) burn to create the ultimate full body strengthening experience. You'll leave on a dance pa...

  • BARRE HIGH 5: Turn It Up!

    Light weights and a slider are used to enhance the workout, but are not required.
    I'm Just Here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. Liquor Store- Remi Wolf
    2. Baby It's You- London Grammar
    3. Boys Boys Boys- Lady Gaga
    4. ON- BTS
    5. Fast Slow Disco- St. Vincent
    6. Best To You- Blood Orange
    7. Pyramids- Frank Oc...

  • JAM 9: Let's Get This Party Started (Express)

    This quick dance cardio workout is filled from front to back with Jamie and Cami's most beloved JAM routines from Lil Wayne and T.I. to Usher and Queen. If you've been doing our other JAM workouts, some of these will look familiar and some will be brand new which is exactly how our IRL classes w...

  • JAM 23: Bad B**** Energy (Express)

    Who run the world........GIRLS! Join Jamie, Chelsea, Christy, Lyndie, and Whitney to get all the bad B energy you need to take on the day. This workout is full of songs that will bring out your inner female badass, led by none other than Queen Bey herself!

    I'm Just Here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. Run...


    JAM 4 is all about GIRL POWER! This playlist is filled with all of your favorite female artists and is guaranteed to make you feel like the queen you are. As always, JAM is designed to bring a party-like atmosphere straight to your living room with blood pumping, adrenaline rushing dance moves. G...

  • TRseXy: Total Body Suspension Training

    The only piece of equipment you will need to complete this workout is a TRX (ish) strap. You can mount it to your door frame and be ready for every single move Jana throws at you. Don't have one, but dying to do this workout? Click the link for a generic one that costs less than 1/2 the price o...

  • Full Body HIIT Dance - No Equipment Needed

    Most of our HIIT Dance workouts are designed for quick, effective workouts targeting one specific area, but for this one, we got a little crazy and included the whole gorgeous specimen from head to toe. These moves are fun, easy to follow, and will have you drenched in sweat after just 45 minute...

  • LEVEL-UP 4: 30 Min. Lower Body Blast

    This is the perfect workout to add onto one of the shorter JAM sessions! Do this lower body workout twice a week, and the upper body workout that accompanies it twice a week along with some killer cardio, rest, and yoga, and you'll be all set!
    *for this workout, you will need a set of 5lb dumbbe...


    I'm Just Here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. You Shook Me All Night Long- AC/DC
    2. Rock And Roll All Nite- Kiss
    3. Brain Stew- Green Day
    4. Epic- Faith No More
    5. The Look- Roxette
    6. Welcome To The Jungle- Guns N' Roses
    7. Fight For Your Right- Beastie Boys
    8. Nothin' But A Good Time- Poison
    9. Pretty Fly...

  • The Mash-Up: Janet Jackson Edition

  • JAM 1: Just DANCE!!!!

    Hate working out, but want all the benefits? We got you. Night Club vibe meets sweat dripping, blood pumping, adrenaline rushing dance party set to your favorite music including hip hop, pop, and more. You don't have to be able to dance or have rhythm to sweat in this class. JAM is easy to follow...