Combo Workouts

Combo Workouts

From Pump Up The Jam to BEATS, there is something for everyone needing to get a head to toe workout in one session.

Combo Workouts
  • PUMP UP THE JAM (Fierce & Fun)

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    We've chosen your favorite JAM routines to create 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio dance that doesn't even feel like working out! This all in one class satisfies with an intense AAA (arms, abs, and a$$) burn to create the ultimate full body strengthening experience. You'll leave on a dance pa...

  • IGNITION (Empowered)

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    Along with the use of inspiring audio and motivational music, Ignition uses intense physical movement to push you into uncomfortable spaces where you will be guided to become aware of the thoughts which emerge when you are met with struggle and resistance. We then work to replace those thoughts w...

  • LIFTED (Invigorated)

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    This class will leave you feeling just as the title says-LIFTED. Designed around the aspects of fitness that make creator, Jamie Kinkeade, feel alive and free, this mat based class combines high-energy, community-building movements with creative and unique body-weight conditioning, simple hip-ho...

  • BEATS (Fueled)

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    Don’t stop HIIT it HIIT it! BEATS is 45 minutes of high intensity interval training, but don’t let those fancy fitness words scare you! This class is guided using a TEAM mentality creating a highly encouraging environment with no shortage of strong, independent, women vibes. Just when the going g...

  • TRseXy: Total Body Suspension Training

    The only piece of equipment you will need to complete this workout is a TRX (ish) strap. You can mount it to your door frame and be ready for every single move Jana throws at you. Don't have one, but dying to do this workout? Click the link for a generic one that costs less than 1/2 the price o...