This JAM package is for all of our super busy ADDICTS out there; it includes JAM 7: 40 Minute Feel Good Home Session, JAM 8: Make It Bounce (25 Minute Express Session), and JAM 9: Let's Get Physical (25 Minute Express Session). Already a subscriber? This is the perfect gift for a friend with whom you've been dying to share The Studio.

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  • JAM 7: 40 Minute Feel Good Home Session

    This cardio dance workout is about connection, not perfection. Connecting to yourself, to others watching, to me, and to the music. It is meant to bring joy and hope to anyone who watches it whether from their couch or up on their feet moving right along with me. Remember; you are strong, you a...

  • JAM 8: Make It Bounce (Express)

    We know that when you're working out at home, you may not always have a full hour to yourself, especially with the kids at home, so we've created a 25 minute JAM express made up of some of our favorite routines. We've chosen choreography that is easy to follow with repetitive sequences so that y...

  • JAM 9: Let's Get This Party Started (Express)

    This quick dance cardio workout is filled from front to back with Jamie and Cami's most beloved JAM routines from Lil Wayne and T.I. to Usher and Queen. If you've been doing our other JAM workouts, some of these will look familiar and some will be brand new which is exactly how our IRL classes w...