Target Toning Quickies

Target Toning Quickies

These are anywhere from 10-15 minutes and include lots of BURN BABY BURN! Choose one to add on to your cardio workout or take a break from cardio and combine a few of these for a killer low impact toning day.

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Target Toning Quickies
  • 10 minute HIIT Dance Arm Blast

    This 10 minute arm burnout will fly by thanks to the hits of The King of Pop in this remixed mashup of muscles, sweat, and Michael. Remember: when you want to quit, think of all the amazing things you need arm strength to accomplish and let that push you. After all, it's a quickie; you can do i...

  • 15 Minute HIIT Dance Arm Quickie

    Light dumbbells and a circle resistance band are all you need to complete this arm quickie. Filled with music, smiles, and a seriously good burn, you'll have all you need to build the strength you need to flex on this coronavirus.
    Ideas for dumbbell substitutes:
    1#: Cans of soup or 10 forks or s...

  • 10 Minute HIIT Dance Leg Workout

    This isn't any ordinary leg workout, it's a HIIT Dance Quickie to get every muscle in your legs burning without sacrificing the fun and magic of music and dance. Mini circle band optional.

    I'm just here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. Like A Girl- Lizzo
    2. I Like That- Houston (feat Chingy, Nate Dogg & I-...

  • 15 Minute HIIT Dance Leg and Booty Blast

    We've all heard it: Never skip leg day. But, if you're like us and don't love the typical gym workout, this quick workout is perfect for "Leg Day: Studio Style." Of course, it's set to music you know and love and includes some sumo squat booty shakin' without sacrificing one single tiny bit of ...

  • ABS on Fire - 10 minute workout

    It's not possible to get a 6-pack from a 10 minute ab routine, but you CAN get a much MORE IMPORTANT thing: a stronger core. This 10 minute ab workout for women hits all the areas and is perfect for beginners to anyone wanting to get a quickie in on a busy day.
    I'm Just Here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. ...

  • 10 Minute HIIT Dance Ab Blast

    A strong core is pivotal for a better quality of life. You can work your abs in tons of ways, and this ad-on workout includes them all in just 10 minutes. Choreographed to some fun summer tunes, Jamie makes sure you don't get bored while working it in this quick all over core blast. This is th...

  • Justin VS Justin 10 Minute HIIT Dance Abs

    10 minutes is all you need for the ab killer. Pair it with a 20 minute cardio dance HIIT or a JAM and you'll be all set!

    I'm just here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. Intentions- Biebs (feat Quavo)
    2. The Other Side- JT & SZA
    3. Forever- Biebs (feat Post Malone & Clever)