Your alter ego is dying to escape. Set her free in The Hot Seat, the only fitness class that combines chair dancing with full body toning via body rolls, booty pops, and hip spirals for days. It's basically like Tracy Anderson and Magic Mike had a baby took it to the club. This low-impact, high-intensity toning class is completed with the help of a resistance band, light weights, a chair, and a whole lot of Hell Yes, Honey! Be sure to wear shorts with long socks/stockings or long pants with short socks for sections using friction and drag to take the heat to the next level. Fishnets and leotards are optional, your inner Sasha Fierce is not. Beware: you will get wet.
All HOT SEAT classes from the past month can be found here!

*Each month on our livestreamed Hot Seat sessions, a different confidence fueled chair dance is placed in the middle of the workout to help remind yourself that you are amazing and sensual and your body is a GIFT. You will be guided step-by-step through the dance each week progressing to week 4 when you'll be owning that dance floor...oop...we mean HOT SEAT.

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  • Tuesday 1/24 PONY by GINUWINE

    Equipment used: set of light weights (2#), single medium weight (5#) and circle resistance band (optional!)

  • Tuesday 1/17 PONY by GINUWINE

    Equipment used: set of light weights (2#), set of ankle weights (optional!) and yoga block (or heavier book)
    I'm Just Here for the PLAYLIST:
    1. Weakness (Towa Bird Remix)- Poppy Ajudha and Towna Brd
    2. Love Sex Magic- Ciara feat Justin Timberlake
    3. Die For You- The Weeknd
    4. Hard White- Nicki Mi...

  • Tuesday 1/10 PONY by GINUWINE

    Equipment used: set of light weights (2#), single slider (or paper plate!), set of ankle weights (optional!), 2 small exercise balls (or pillows!) and yoga block (optional!)

  • Friday 2/17 LOVE ON THE BRAIN by RIHANNA