Strength Workouts

Strength Workouts

Strength Workouts
  • LEVEL-UP (Powerful)

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    LEVEL-UP: To improve your current situation in a way that feels like a powerful shift. It starts with a change in thought, a shift in mindset, followed by a brave action, and the fuel that drives all of it is passion. Move through a sequence of strengthening, stability, and toning exercises using...

  • L.I.T. (Low Impact Training)

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    Want that feeling of strength and empowerment you're used to from The Studio classes, but need to give your joints a little TLC? Look no further! This class will light up every muscle in your body using the science of timed reps with higher weights to get your heart pumping without your feet ever...

  • TRseXy: Total Body Suspension Training

    The only piece of equipment you will need to complete this workout is a TRX (ish) strap. You can mount it to your door frame and be ready for every single move Jana throws at you. Don't have one, but dying to do this workout? Click the link for a generic one that costs less than 1/2 the price o...